Welcome to our sister company S.I.S Plastic Regrind Supplies Ltd set up in March 2015 to facilitate the high demand of our quality regrind products.

Our regrind is highly sought after and the quality is recognised throughout the Uk and Europe.

Our regrind products go through several quality checks during processing and our motto is ‘Quality Over Quantity’.

All regrind product is supplied in a brand new bag and identified by name, weight and processor's initials.

Our target markets are end-users, compounders and brokers. Most of our buyers are repeat business although we are always looking to establish new relationships with buyers.

Regrind We Produce

PP Sheet (R) - Jazz
PP Sheet Grade - Jazz
PP Corex - Jazz
PP Injection Grade - Jazz

PP Injection Grade - Jazz
Polybutylene - Jazz
HD Injection - Jazz
HD Pipe - Jazz

HD Pipe (HP) - Jazz
High Molecular Clean - Natural
High Molecular Clean - Jazz
High Molecular Wash-Grade - Jazz

MD Roto - Jazz
PVC Mixed Extrusion - Jazz
PVC Windmill - Jazz
PVC Window Grade - White

APET Sheet - Natural/Black
ABS Injection & Sheet Grade - Jazz
PC Injection & Sheet Grades - Single Colours / Jazz

Nylon 66
Nylon 6/66 Filled & Unfilled
Nylon 6 Filled & Unfilled
HIPS Sheet - Jazz

Other Products

LDPE Export Grade - Jazz
LDPE UK Grade - Jazz
PP Bags

Car Parts / Mixed Engineering Plastic
Mixed Strapping
Mixed Rigids